Awning/Sunshade Service & Repair

Pease Company trucks with our name displayed on them and Pease Company Employees with their company work clothes will only work on your home with your permission.  Our service trucks load early morning and put up awnings till dusk in the springtime as soon as there is no threat of snow.  Our service department will give you a curteousy call the day before and when you get home your awning is up for the summer. 

The same crew year after year will then be back in the fall to take down your awning and will take it to our shop for storage and we will alert you should any repairs are needed and we will take care of this over the off season.

Our crews are experienced, efficent and accomodating to our customers. Many of our crewmen have been working for Pease for over 10 years and some over 20 years.  They are trustworthy and make the company proud.  We hope that your experience will always be a most pleasant one and we love the testimonials and wonderful notes you send to us and we share them with everyone.  Thank you.

Please remember to call us in the fall when you are done using your awning should you want to do repairs or recover.